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About Me

I am Texan, born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. At 23, I followed my passion and moved to Fort Lauderdale. I graudated from the Florida College of Natural Health in 2017; I was awarded honors throughout my classes and upon graudation.

Playing a wide variety of sports including tennis, softball, kickball and football for the past two decades, I realized that post-workout and post-game healing are a critical part of an athlete's training regimen - every bit as important as practice on the field. With that in mind, I set my goal of helping competitors heal and strengthen their bodies in a therapeutic way. I also realize that rest and relaxation are a valuable part of any life, so I designed my office space, and designed my aromatherapy and relaxation techniques around that idea.

Interior, music, and fragrances will create a unique atmosphere, making each visit to my studio a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

I offer a wide range of services and procedures designed to eliminate the effects of constant stress and nervous system overload (anti-stress massage), the massage will also help you forget about fatigue, pain in muscles and joints (Swedish massage).


After massage, you will feel the incredible ease in every cell of your body, the muscles will “sing” and easily respond to any motion, you will be full of energy and good mood. Further stress will not take you...

After the healing treatment you will think clearly, many decisions will come up to you, and the problems that have tormented you for a few days or weeks will suddenly seem not so complex, the solutions will pop up...

I am sure that once you try one of the procedures, you will want to repeat it again and again. In addition, you will become interested in other types of massage that I offer...

my services


Sports Massage

Sports massage is targeted to athletes of every kind, from world-class pros to weekend warrios. This therapy will return your courage and strength.


Deep Tissue Massage

A distinctive feature of this massage is the immediate impact on the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and back.



Reflexology can improve the tone of blood vessels, get rid of the accumulated excess liquid and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.


Simultaneous massage

It’s a unique massage session held by two therapists simultaneously. Their harmonious work will bring balance and harmony in every cell of your body. (Ask for details).


“ Harley is fantastic. As a former football player with several back surgeries Harley professionally asked all the right questions ahead of time. The pressure was perfect and his massage technique was just what an aching back and shoulders needed. The studio is spotless and very soothing with a diffuser and soft scented oils. A heated massage table and crisp linens were a great touch. Harley made me feel relaxed , never rushed and his massage was magic. Very nice and very laid back. I’m a regular now. If you are looking for a professional massage by a relaxed guy with an amazing touch look no further ”

John R, client

“ I have had a lot of massages over the years including several guys on this site but Harley is far and away the best. True professional, amazing hands with just the right pressure hitting every muscle just right. Its a great combination of deep tissue/sports massage, yet relaxing and soothing at the same time. Ive been hooked since my first massage with him and now I'm a regular weekly client. If you are looking for real massage experience you need to try him out - you will be hooked as well. ”

C.J., client